正规买球十大平台- R U OK日正念着色



(1) all domestic and international students who are currently enrolled at 正规买球十大平台 and Monash College



The competition starts at 9am on 5 September 2020 AEST and closes at 12pm on 10 September 2020 AEST.



每位获奖者将获得价值95美元的Coles Myer代金券.

See Coles Myer使用条款代金券.

Coles Myer不是本次活动的参与者或赞助商.



  1. 拍一张你的R U OK日彩色页面的照片,并将其添加到你的Instagram页面. 这将登记您的兴趣参与.
  2. Add tags to the post for your chance to win  #peninsulacampus #RUOKDay #RUOKDayminfulnesscolouring


比赛结束时, 获奖者将由正规买球十大平台通过一个选择过程来决定, 基于满足所有的竞赛报名要求.



The winner will be notified by email within ten (10) business days of the end of the 竞争时期 via the contact details provided at the time of entry.

1. 本次抽奖的发起人是正规买球十大平台(Abn 12 377 614 012) (Monash).

2. Information on how to enter this competition and prize details published by Monash form part of these terms and 条件 of entry (Terms).

3. 所有参赛者在提交作品时均同意本条款.

4. 参赛作品必须在比赛期间收到. Entries will be deemed to be accepted at the time of receipt and not at the time of transmission. 不完整、听不清或无法理解的参赛作品将被视为无效. 对于遗失、迟到或错误的参赛作品,正规买球十大平台将不承担任何责任.

5. This competition is a ‘game of skill’ and chance plays no part in determining the winners. All entries will be judged individually on their merits based on the rules and 条件 of the competition.

6. 正规买球十大平台保留以下权利:a)取消, 终止, delay, modify or suspend the prize draw at any time; b) withdraw the invitation to participate from any person, including where that person incorrectly receives an invitational email; and c) amend or vary these Terms during the 竞争时期.

7. 获胜者将根据上述细节选出.

8. 奖品必须按所提供的方式领取,不能兑换现金或其他奖品. 奖品不可转让.

9. Monash reserves the right to disqualify any entry or entrants at its discretion at any time. Monash’s decision on all aspects relating to this competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10. Monash may request further information from the prize winner to confirm the prize winner’s entry is eligible and complies with these Terms. 例如,这可能包括要求提供身份证明.


  • (a) confirm that any content they submit is original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties;
  • (b)授予正规买球十大平台永久经营权, 免版税, 不可撤销的, 在世界范围内, 非排他性许可(有转授许可的权利)使用, 繁殖, modify, adapt, communicate with the public and otherwise exploit the submission content in any media for any purpose (including to advertise or promote any of Monash’s products or services)
  • (c) consent to any act or omission by Monash that would otherwise infringe any moral rights that may subsist in the entry;
  • (d)同意使用条目(全部), edited or altered form) and the entrant’s name for the purpose of promoting any aspect of this competition, Monash and any of Monash’s products or services in any media 在世界范围内; and
  • (e) agree to sign any further documentation required by Monash to give effect to this clause.

12. 提交的图像或视频和文本不得包含或包括:

  • (a) any material which might infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties;
  • (b)任何露骨的内容,例如刺耳/粗俗/辱骂性语言, alcohol, drugs, sex, 裸露或暴力;
  • (c)这个名字, image, 任何人的肖像或声音(包括参赛者), 除非那个人(和, 其他未满十八岁者, 他们的父母或监护人)已签署同意书,如条款‎13所述.

13. If an image or video contains an identifiable image or footage of a person (excluding a crowd/group image where many faces, 可以看到, 但没有特别识别), you must obtain that person’s consent via the relevant Consent Form and submit a scanned copy along with the entry - 下载同意书.

14. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure they are readily contactable through the information provided at the time of entry.

15. If a winner does not respond to claim the prize within five (5) days of Monash attempting to contact the winner, 获胜者将丧失奖品. 如果发生这种情况, Monash may conduct a re-draw and offer the prize to other entrants until a valid winner has been contacted. The newly drawn winner will be contacted using the contact details provided at the time of entry.

16. 除非另有约定, 正规买球十大平台将把奖金邮寄到获奖者提名的澳大利亚地址. 奖品的邮费将包括由第三方服务提供商交付给您. You accept that Monash will not be liable for any loss or damage to the prize that occurs during transit. 任何国际地址提名, a prize of equal monetary value will be awarded and delivered to the corresponding country.

17. 除特别注明外,所有其他费用由获胜者承担. Winners are advised that tax implications that may arise from their prize winning and may wish to seek independent financial advice prior to the acceptance of the prize.

18. Monash accepts no responsibility and shall not be held legally liable or responsible for any accident, loss, 对任何个人或财产的直接或间接伤害或损害, 无论是在合同, tort, 由比赛或奖品引起或与之有关的疏忽或其他情况, 在比赛期间或之后.

19. 不限制条款‎18, 正规买球十大平台对质量不做任何声明或保证, 作为奖品提供的任何商品或服务的适宜性或可销售性. 在法律允许的范围内, Monash is not liable for any loss suffered to person or property by reason of any act or omission, 故意或过失, 由正规买球十大平台或其雇员或代理人提供, in connection with the arrangement for the supply of goods and services by any person to the prize winner, 和适用的, 致陪同得奖者的任何人士. This clause does not affect any rights a consumer may have which are unable to be excluded under Australian law. 在法律允许的最大范围内, any liability of Monash or its employees or agents for breach of any such rights is limited to the payment of the costs of having the prize supplied again.

20. 正规买球十大平台可能会收集参赛者的个人信息, and may be disclosed to Monash’s contractors and agents (including without limitation marketing and promotional agencies, information technology providers and database service providers) and social networking platforms (including Instagram) to conduct, administer and publicise this competition and for future marketing and promotional purposes. 如参赛者未提供正规买球十大平台要求的个人资料, 或者它是不准确或不完整的, 正规买球十大平台可能会决定参赛者没有资格获奖. Entrants can request access to their personal information by contacting Monash on 03 9902 9589 or dataprotectionofficer@spartansguild.com. 正规买球十大平台的隐私政策可在 www.privacy.spartansguild.com.au/