Accessible parking

All our campuses have convenient parking spaces for people with reduced mobility. There are different options depending on which type of permit you hold.

Disability Parking Permits (ADPP or Category 1)

If you hold a valid Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP) or Category 1 disability permit, you can park in the accessible parking bays on campus. These bays are free to use. If the accessible parking bays are full, you can then park in any Red, Yellow or Blue permit bay for free, provided your disability permit is displayed. Check the campus maps to identify accessible parking options at each campus.

Parking Permit - Category 1 Australian Disability Parking Permit

Double Time Accessible Parking Permits (or Category 2)

If you hold a valid Victorian Double Time Permit or Category 2 disability permit, you are entitled to park in timed parking areas for double the length of time displayed on the parking sign.

For all day parking areas where payment is required, you are entitled to park for half the parking rate. If you are using CellOPark to pay for your parking, please send copy of your permit and your parking session details to, who will organise for a partial refund for that session. Please note that refunds will be processed monthly at the end of the CellOPark billing cycle on the 24th of each month.

If you need to use a parking meter, you will need to pay for your parking at one of the meters found in our car parks. Please see Visitor parking for the meter locations at each campus. Pay for half the amount of time you require, and then call Buildings and Property on 9902 0222 who will double the length of time in the system.

Disability Permit - Category 2 Victorian Double time accessibility permit

Availability of disability permits

Disability permits are available through your local council. You can find more information on these permits from VicRoads, including further details on what does and does not qualify for a disability permit.

If you have sustained an injury that does not fall under the requirements for a council or VicRoads disability permit as above, you can apply for assistance with parking at Monash University. You may be eligible for a temporary permit or parking arrangement.